As a designer I have had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects.  And, when the budget is substantial it makes the process much easier because there are a great many more options to choose from.

The challenge comes when the budget is very small.  People without a lot of money would still like to have nice things around them….ya know?  And I so believe in the way our environment affects our attitude.  A happy home helps make a happier spirit don’t you think?

A home needs to be the place you can go to unwind and sort of settle the soul from the stress and agitation of the outside world.  It’s important to come home to and/or raise your young family in a place that’s warm, cozy and comfortable.  Aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.   And, of course, while the people inhabiting the home are the key essential ingredient in creating love, warmth and coziness – the décor can and does play a major role in comforting, pleasing and quieting our spirits.  Or it can just as easily be unsettling and unpleasing and disquieting…..which nobody wants or needs in their life.

So for young couple’s starting out, divorcees starting over, or just for those that just have to permanently live on a tight budget, I thought I’d show you a budget friendly family room using products from the popular online sight – Wayfair.  You’ll notice on this Design Board the total cost comes to $1650.00 (not including tax).  Now that’s a budget friendly family room!

But, you’ll notice it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style!

I’m not going to pretend that the quality is the same as a high end product but for certain times of our life or depending on life’s circumstances at the moment….that’s okay.

This first design board shows you a complete room with this dark gray sectional, three tables, a pair of draperies, two lamps and an 8×10 rug.

This transitional style sectional in this popular color gray is loaded with style and seating….perfectly suited for an apartment or small family room.  Don’t you think?

But, just in case you have a tad larger room or need a couple more chairs for extra seating take a look at the option below:

Everything else is the same – just a sofa and two chairs instead of the sectional.  And, notice the price here?  At a total of $1495.00 for the room it’s even less expensive with the sofa and two chairs than the design with the sectional.  Pretty cool, huh?

And the nice thing about this piece is that it not only acts as a sofa, but….

It also doubles as a sleeper.

Paired with a couple of these stylish tufted chairs and your seating is complete.

This rug with these subtle shade of creams and grays will anchor the space and contribute a soft, soothing energy to the space.

The transitional pattern on these drapes in the softer gray will be a nice contrast to the darker sectional and compliment the rug as well.

This dark wood and sleek style brings depth and richness to the design.  No need to over-clutter them either….just a few larger scale items is all they need.

And, these silver lamps give the room an upbeat pop with their shine and sleek, transitional style.

This is not to say you wouldn’t have to fill in with art and accessories of course, but this is great start on a limited budget in making your house a home.

And, that’s what I would love to see for everyone!

Take it slow, concentrate on one space at a time so you at least have one complete, cozy, decorated room, then move through the house as your budget allows.

Here’s to creating beauty in your surroundings….one room at a time!

No matter the budget.

Happy Decorating!

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