Lots of you out there admittedly hate ceiling fans and would much rather see an interesting, beautiful light fixture instead.  Myself included!  Ceiling fans just don’t seem to contribute to a space decoratively the way a stunning chandelier would. Am I right?  In the north you can probably get by without them.  But, here in the south it’s a far different story with the stifling heat we have to contend with.  Especially if you’ve grown used to them – namely at bedtime – it’s just really a hard thing to give up even for the aesthetics of a beautiful light fixture.

An answer to this dilemma is the “fan d’lier” or “fandelier”.

Some of you may have heard of these, but many of you have not so I wanted to share some pictures and pricing with you in case this might be something that can solve this problem for you.

I went to a friend’s surprise 60th birthday sleepover this weekend and she happen to have one of these in her bedroom.

(By the way check back later in the week – I’ll be blogging about this awesome party.  Lots of fun ideas!)

She ordered this from Lowes.  It’s a light fixture that has the fading lights and as you can see it’s got some serious style, but…..

It also has some serious function as fan.

And, let me tell you, this baby puts out a lot of circulation and really cools off the space.

Check it out at the Lowes site here for $447.02.

We went shopping the next day in the quaint little downtown square of Granbury, Texas and I noticed these in one of the shops.   Apparently these were originally oil rubbed bronze, but the owner brushed an antique white on them for a sort of shabby chic look.  They were all over the store and they not only looked great, but they really worked well. (I would have asked her where she got them,  but she wasn’t in that day.)

They put off a lot of air in addition to having some serious style.

Below are some stylish options you may want to consider for your space:

This fixture is from for $778.00.  How stylish is this?    You can check it out by clicking here:

And, how about this one for a more traditional look for $746.30 also from 1 Stop Lighting?  Style and function.  You can find out more about this one here.

This one is from Lowes and at the price of $229.00 it’s a great buy.  Click here for more information.

A sleeker, more transitional look like this one from for $524.95 is a great option.   You can find out more information on this one here.

This beauty is also from WayfairA pricier choice at $1438.00, but if it’s your style and works with you budget it’s worth checking out.  You can check it out here.

So if you’re one of the ones who really, really needs the functionality of a ceiling fan, but just can’t bear to have one in your space, check out these fandeliers and other options available to you.

With their style and function – they make a great alternative to the traditional ceiling fan.

Happy Decorating!

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