As I’ve said before – I know the trend of late is to get rid of anything “Old World” and bring in the newer, sleeker look of glass tiles, marble, grays and whites, etc.

And, trust me I love the look! 

But, there’s also a market for any and all things “old looking” simply because of the personality and character they bring to the mix.  And, while the heaviness of yesterday’s “Old World” is a quickly fading memory, the appeal of aged or antique products of almost any kind that bring a space vintage charm are still very much “in the now”.

In my meandering last week, researching product for a remodel design I’m working on, I came across the most gorgeous antique brick tile. Really old looking tile, as if it’s been through a few storms and maybe even a war or two.  So much character – I just had to share it with you.

I found these amazing boards at Pro Source in Coppell, Texas, but the actual manufacturer is called Ceremiche Tile.

This particular style I’m showing you today is their Havana series and it comes in numerous color ways.  Each with their own particular look and charm.

  This first color is called Tropicana.  All the definition and color variation running throughout the tiles give it a true aged appearance.  Doesn’t this distressed look give you the impression that its been around for at least a hundred years or so?

 Love that, don’t you?!

This second color way is called Mojito Sestino.  Notice it’s got a touch of green in this one – which I actually think is a really nice touch.  Not a lot of color…just a hint to give it interest.

This picture is actually attached to the board, but the glare is so bad it’s hard to see.  This will give you a better visual of just how incredible this floor actually looks installed. I especially like this herringbone pattern and the way it shows off all the color variation.

Is this fun or what?

This third option is called Malecon and it has soft browns, grays and charcoal running through it.  These varying shades of mottled neutrals would work with just about any color scheme and the thing is… could throw this in a living area and top it with some modern furniture and you’d have an incredibly eclectic, interesting space.  Imagine this floor in a space with a swanky cream sectional and a modern metal coffee table?  How chic and stylish would that be?

This fourth color option is called Sugarcane White and is more of an antique white with touches of browns and grays in it.  Again – so many ways this could be used in a design.  Wouldn’t this be great in a master bathroom or guest bathroom with a free standing claw foot tub on top?

Talk about character!

And last, but most definitely not least, the fifth one, called Havana Sky, is a mix of blue, cream and beige tones.  How ridiculously cool is this almost faded denim blue in the mix?

I want, I want, I want…….somewhere.

Isn’t this fun?  And quaint….and charming?  It brings with it such a feeling of warmth and nostalgia.

I can see it in a court yard, on a porch, in a sun room or even a kitchen or wine room.

All of these tiles come in a multitude of sizes and shapes so you can really have a lot of fun with them.

And you can even mix them all if you’d like for an even more eclectic look.

In addition to all the antique brick styles this series comes with these spectacular complimentary patterned tiles.  Of course these can be used separately, too, but they work really well as a compliment to the antique brick tiles.  For example how about placing a series of these above the cooktop with the antique brick on the rest of the backsplash or the floor?  Or randomly incorporating these throughout the kitchen backsplash or in a shower surround.  Or you could do an interesting border around the perimeter of the room. So many options!

Lots of fun.  Lots of character.  Lots of versatility.

You can go here to a website called to see some more pictures and lay outs.

Get creative and have some fun incorporating a little vintage charm to your space!

Happy Decorating!



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