I’ve recently been working on the design for a Farmhouse Kitchen which has been tons of fun – and I’ll be sharing the designs with you soon.  I meet with them this afternoon so everything is sort of “under wraps” till my presentation is over.  But, I thought I could at least go ahead and share with you some of my top faves for wall paint for a warm, inviting “Farm Fresh, Farmhouse Look”.

These are my top twelve picks from Sherwin Williams:

When I think of “farmhouse fresh” I’m always drawn to very soft blues and greens.  These colors listed above are all very soothing, but offer just enough color to give the space personality.  And paired with white or cream cabinets you have a very clean, classic, inviting combination.  Don’t let the names of these fool you – they all take on a greenish to bluish appearance.  I used the “Quietude” in my office and I love it.  Paired with my white office furniture its a crisp, but calming combination that I never grow tired of.  I did a blog post about it if you’d like to see it all together.  Click here for a look.

To continue in that same vein here are four more great options in the “greens to blues” family for you to consider.  The nuances in all of these colors can be very subtle, but they are important differences none-the-less.  I always advise clients to sample a few out first before slapping the paint up on the walls.  It’s amazing how the lighting and other materials in your space can play a role in the final outcome of color that you’ll see.  Paint has a mysterious personality of its own so what looks like a pretty green swatch can go awry very quickly if the lighting and other factors play with it in just the right (or wrong) way.  It’s an extra step, but one that is very worthwhile to avoid a costly mistake.

Now if you prefer to go with a neutral palette and keep the color in your accessories these four colors listed above are my “beige to greige” faves.  Again any of these colors paired with a white or cream cabinet and trim will give you that clean, crisp “farm fresh” feel.

These offer some warmth and personality without locking you into an actual color scheme which for some is very important.

So if you are building a new home or remodeling your current home with a farmhouse kitchen keep these colors in mind for a fun, farm fresh ambiance.

Happy Decorating!

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