Anybody seriously interested in interior decorating and interior design knows there’s a trend sweeping through our country to lighten and brighten our homes – especially when it comes to the kitchen and the bathroom.

A need for clean, classic, fresh spaces.

And I have a theory about all this need for “fresh” and “airy” and “light”.

In my heart of hearts I think because the world has become so overwhelmingly oppressive and dark and gloomy – with our worldwide fight against ISIS and terrorism of all kinds, daily shootings, such a stark political divide and racial tensions – we just can’t breathe anymore.  With such a heavy black cloud draped in the air like osmosis permeating our being both consciously and sub-consciously we just want to throw back the curtains, peel back layers of decorative clutter, remove the dark and heavy décor and let light and happiness flood our homes.

We need to breathe again! 

 In our simple sanctuaries we call home we feel a need to lighten, brighten and flood our lives with the opposite of oppression and fear and worry.  We need the freedom to unwind and relax and feel at peace – if only in our little worlds called home.

One of the ways to do this is to lighten up your kitchen (where we spend so much of our time) and/or the master bath (to create a spa-like relaxing atmosphere we can escape to).  And the main focal point in both tends to be the countertop.  Generally there’s a starting point with design, a springboard if you will, to move in a certain direction with regard to color and style.  And in the kitchen or bath it is usually the countertop that dictates what colorway, theme and overall character the space will entail.

So to get you started on your journey to freshen up and lighten up your space I thought I’d share with you five quartz countertops that could well set you on your path.  Though there are a great many vendors who carry some wonderful options for you – today I’m focusing on the Della Terra Quartz series from Arizona Tile.  They have a number of selections with the white or creamy background that so many people are seeking these days.


This particular quartz is called Statuary.  It’s veining is clearly and sharply defined so if you like the look of the sharp gray contrast running through the countertop this might be one that would fit the bill.  It gives it a contemporary vibe, but this could go with a great many decorating styles from Farmhouse to Traditional to Modern Hill Country to Contemporary to full on Modern.

It offers a clean fresh look and throws in an element of “hip-ness” and “elegance” to a space.

This next quartz is called Nouveau Calcutta and though its similar to the Statuary the veining is more prominent, sharper and leans a bit more contemporary.

Very clean and defined.

As you can see this is a contemporary style island, but look at the countertop, cabinets and backsplash it’s paired with here.  Surrounded by much more traditional elements in the space this still works beautifully.


This quartz is a bit more subtle with its veining.  It’s called New Carrara.


See what I mean about the veining?  Much more subtle than the Statuary or the Nouveau Calacatta.  Of course when it comes to selecting one over the other it all boils down to personal preference.  Do you like a more subtle veining?  Or do you prefer the more defined, prominent veining coursing through the slab.


You’ll notice this quartz has an entirely different appearance than the first three.  Here the veining is much smaller and much more repetitive.  It’s called Victoria.


Again this works beautifully in a modern setting, but also could work well in a more traditional setting.

Clean, fresh, airy!

Last but not least is Lyskamm.  In the picture this looks similar to the Victoria pattern, but there are definite nuances in shade, color and pattern that set them apart.

As I said it all comes down to personal preference so it’s important to take your time and peruse the vendor granite yards (or solid surface yards I should say) to see what hits your happy spot.

Another view of the Lyskamm with these stunning glass tiles shows you its beauty and versatility.  Pair this with traditional white subway tiles for a more Traditional look, a white pebble backsplash for a Modern Hill Country look or take the quartz right up the backsplash for a super seamless, clean Contemporary look.

I know it gets confusing trying to decipher all the products out there and which one is the best fit for your home and your budget. The nice thing about quartz is that they are not only beautiful, but they are low maintenance which makes them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.  While they are certainly not 100% natural stone they are a blend of natural materials and man-made materials which results in a very hardwearing, strong, functional surface.  They are generally made by combining predominantly ground quartz (90% – 95%) – which is a natural hard mineral – with a much smaller amount of resins, polymers and pigments (5%-10%). This process creates a very hard granite-like surface – highly durable. This also ensures a more consistent color and pattern throughout the slab.  You won’t find as many unexpected variations that you might find in natural stone such as granite or quartzite.

 If you, like so many others, are ready to lighten up and freshen up your kitchen and bath you may want to keep Arizona Tile Della Terra quartz in mind as a serious contender for your space.

Happy Decorating!

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