I know I periodically post blogs that have something to do with countertops, but that’s because it’s such a big issue with regard to remodeling and makes such a big impact on any given space.

They usually take center stage and can become the showstopper or conversation piece of the room depending on the dramatic flare they may contribute.

Today I thought I’d bring your attention to some fun Quartzite options.

By the way in case you’re not familiar with these terms and exactly what they are – Quartzite is different that Quartz.

Quartzite is a “hard, non-foliated natural metamorphic rock” which starts out as quartz-rich sandstone and over time through heat and pressure turns into the durable natural stone called Quartzite.

What does that mean you ask???  

It’s kind of hard to explain and comes across a little like “gobbledy-gook” to most, but basically it means that it is the result of the original “rock” being subjected to extremely high heat and pressure over time which causes physical and/or chemical changes (or metamorphosis).  Over time the sandstone is converted into quartzite through this heat and pressure creating a hard, durable and usually beautiful surface making them ideal candidates for kitchens and bathrooms.

Quartz on the other hand is a mineral that is a constituent of many rocks, but in terms of countertops it is crushed and mixed with resin for a manmade result.  There are a great many beautiful, durable options in quartz as well and I blogged about these in February.  You can check out this post on quartz here.

These Quartzite options I’m showing you today are all clean, fresh and “airy”.  All of these are natural Brazilian stone provided through Arizona Tile.  The colors are all light, the veining semi-subtle and the overall look – full of interest and character.


This one is called Antarctica and is predominantly a white-ish color with neutrals and charcoal running through it in various shades of veining and coloration.

Antartica, natural stone quartzite from Brazil, is a white quartzite with grey and green colors. Arizona Tile carries Antarctica in natural stone quartzite slabs.

This is a full slab so you can see the color variation is random and sporadic.


This Quartzite is called Calacutta which is a color/pattern you’ve probably heard before.  Very, very popular for kitchens and baths today and there are numerous Quartz knock offs to simulate the same look.

Calacatta, natural stone quartzite from Brazil, is a crosscut white quartzite. Arizona Tile carries Calacatta in natural stone quartzite slabs

On this full slab you have a better visual of the veining.  Isn’t it beautiful?


The Macaubus White featured above has a combination of linear veining and random mottling.


This Brazilian Quartzite has a clean look that bodes well in a transitional or contemporary space.  But, it would also work in a traditional setting as well. Light and airy and fresh.  Looks nice and “clean” with these white countertops….


And, is a spectacular contrast to these gray cabinets.

The Madrepearl is from Northern Brazil.  It resembles marble somewhat with its soft taupe and silver tones.  While it possesses soft movement throughout the slab it doesn’t have a lot of distinct, sharp veining you might see in others.


This beautiful Sea Pearl, unlike the first four, actually has a subtle underlying green tone – like something you might see under the sea….hence the name.  Its veining will generally give it the appearance of a marble rather than a quartzite.

Sea Pearl, natural stone quartzite from Brazil, is a light green quartzite with veining. Arizona Tile carries Sea Pearl in natural stone quarzite slabs

And, again, here is what it looks like in full slab.

As you can see these five Quartzite options are beautiful, fresh, clean and very versatile with regard to their ability to fit just about any mood or style of design.

At anywhere from $60.00 to well over $100.00 per square foot Quartzites can be pricey, but due to their rich look and durability factor they are a wonderful consideration for your kitchen, bath or bar.

Happy Decorating!



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