One of the funnest DIY projects I have ever done has been installing Barnwood 2 Go’s peel and stick wall planks.  And, the reason it was so fun is because it was so eeeeeazy!  And, I’m not just saying that!  It literally took me 45 minutes start to finish to do a 6×6 diameter behind my bed in my master bedroom!  No exaggeration!

Easy Peel and Stick Wall Planks

Here’s what it looked like when all was complete.  But, let me show you how these planks work….

Barnwood 2 Go - peel and stick wall planks

These are by a company called Barnwood2Go and they are sold at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon and a host of other places.  It’s authentic wood that’s been trimmed to a manageable thickness so that it will easily stay on the wall.

Barnwood2go Easy Peel and Stick Wall planks

They have four colors:  Weathered Gray, Weather Natural, Weathered White and Weathered Oak.  I selected the Weathered White for my room because it was the perfect color for this space.

Easy Peel and Stick Wall Planks

On the back of each plank are strips of tape.  The smaller widths like this one have two strips, but the wider planks that I ended up using for this project have three strips.

Easy Peel and Stick Wall Planks

There is a tutorial you should watch before you begin and the link is with the instructions you receive with the box.  I have my own tutorial for my installation here saved in my highlights on my Instagram account @savvyinthesuburbs.  I couldn’t get the video to work here for some reason.  Sorry!

But basically – just to be sure it’s straight – use a level and a pencil to draw a straight line for the first plank.  I actually continued to check this throughout the entire process to make sure it stayed level.  Then peel off the paper backing and adhere the plank to the wall.  Press the plank against the wall for a few seconds to ensure that it has adhered properly.

Barnwood2Go DIY Peel and Stick Wall Planks

I didn’t need to do the entire wall – like I said, I just needed a 6×6 square to go behind my drapes and canopy bed.  To do the entire wall would probably take a few hours.

DIY Easy Peel and Stick Wall Planks by Barnwood2Go

I can’t even tell you how easy this was!  And, I’m absolutely in love with the way it turned out!  All I need now is something to hang in the center.  I’m thinking of some sort of greenery.  I’d love to find a square wreath to place here.

So, anywhooo, if you’re looking for an easy, breezy way to add texture and creativity to your space this is for you!  Let me know if you go for it!


Happy Life By Design!


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