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Compare Travel Insurance Quotes in 30 Seconds

Whether you're looking to set sail along one of Australia's picturesque coasts or enjoy a voyage across international waters, having an adequate safety net can bring you greater peace of mind that you can be covered for a range of unexpected circumstances which may occur while you're miles away from land.

That's where travel insurance can come in handy. You can compare a range of policies with cruise coverage in one place with Savvy, with our simple quote form enabling you to consider different policies side-by-side before making your purchase. Start the process with us today.

What is cruise travel insurance?

Cruise travel insurance is a type of policy which is designed to cater specifically to some of the most common claims which are made whilst on a cruise holiday in Australian waters or overseas. These can either be standalone policy packages or added to your insurance as an extra. In terms of what they cover, these can come with a range of inclusions depending on your insurer and their terms and conditions, but can be applied to both emergencies or incidents onboard your cruise liner and those which may occur while you're on land during a stopover.

In terms of how this type of policy functions, though, it's more or less the same as any other domestic or international travel insurance policy. It can offer cover for many of the same areas in which you might be protected under a standard travel insurance policy, with the purchase and claims processes also the same. As such, it's important to compare them in the same way you would any other policy before purchase to make sure you're getting the best-value product available for your profile.

What’s included in cruise travel insurance?

The inclusions of travel insurance with cruise cover and any applicable claim limits may vary between policies. Therefore, it’s important you understand your policy’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and terms and conditions so you're aware of the ins and outs of the product before you buy it. Some cruise travel insurance policies may include the following:

  • Emergency medical expenses, such as those if you're required to be treated in hospital or onboard your ship
  • Expenses for medical evacuation from your ship and repatriation (if required)
  •  Loss of, theft of or damage to your personal effects such as luggage, electronics and other valuables
  • Special event transport if your arranged transport is delayed or cancelled, such as if the taxi you booked for the cruise never arrives
  • Compensation for cabin confinement if your ship's medical officer advises you to do so for health reasons
  • Missed cruise departure due to a transport accident, mechanical breakdown or circumstances relating to the weather
  • Cover for missed ports as a result of weather conditions or mechanical breakdown
  • Cover for a range of activities both onboard your cruiseliner and on land (certain activities may only be covered by adding an adventure pack as an optional extra)
  • Non-refundable expenses if you're required to cancel part, or all, of your cruise or accompanying travel, such as for accommodation and flights (subject to your insurance provider's terms and conditions relating to the fees and the circumstances surrounding your cancellation)
  • Expenses such as accommodation and food if one or more of your legs is delayed (depending on your insurer, this may be by a minimum of six to 12 hours)

However, it's also important to take the time to find out what the exclusions are under your policy agreement. These may vary between insurers, but will often include the following:

  • Treatment for undiagnosed pre-existing symptoms
  • Travelling against government advice (destinations which have a Level 4 travel warning on Smartraveller)
  • Claims which arise from breaking the law at your destination
  • Valuables, luggage and other personal effects which are lost, stolen or damaged after being left unattended
  • Cover for cancellation fees if your destination experiences a demonstration or terrorist incident

What are the benefits of cruise travel insurance?

In taking out cruise travel insurance, there's a range of benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of. Some of these include:

  • May help avoid hefty medical expenses – without cruise travel insurance, the cost of receiving onboard medical treatment can be immensely expensive. If the unexpected happens and you fall ill or are injured and require treatment, having a policy behind you can help you save on such expenses if the circumstances are deemed claimable by your insurer.
  • Can cover the costs if cancellations occur – if you can no longer go on your cruise due to illness or injury or have to cancel part of the trip due to a claimable event, you can be covered under cruise travel insurance. In addition, if you can no longer take part in any pre-paid activities or experiences due to uncontrollable circumstances, your insurance may be able to cover you.
  • Peace of mind – when you’re on a cruise, you want to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday. Taking out cruise travel insurance can provide greater peace of mind that if an event does take place which qualifies for coverage with your insurer, you can reclaim part or all of its expenses.

Types of travel insurance

Why compare travel insurance with Savvy?

What should I look for when comparing cruise travel insurance?

Top tips for reducing your cruise travel insurance premiums

Compare your options thoroughly

By comparing a wider range of cruise insurance offers, you can gain a greater understanding of the prices available and maximise your chances of finding the most affordable offer for your needs. You can do just that through Savvy and our partnered insurers.

Raise your excess amount

If you want to reduce the cost of your cruise travel insurance premium, you may wish to consider increasing your excess. The higher your excess, the lower your premium is likely to be.

Take out a multi-trip policy if you’re a cruise enthusiast

If you expect to take more than two cruises in a year, a multi-trip policy may be the more cost-effective option. This can offer cover for several trips over a 12-month period, with some insurers able to cover an unlimited number of journeys up to 90 days each.

Search for special cruise travel insurance offers

To get the best value and cheapest travel insurance, look out for special offers. Insurers may advertise deals every now and then to entice new customers, such as an attractive discount.

Frequently asked questions about cruise travel insurance

Will I need cruise travel insurance if it’s a domestic cruise?

You may need cover for a domestic cruise as, even in Australia, not all cruiseliners will have a Medicare-registered doctor onboard. If you're on a ship without a doctor who is registered with Medicare, you could be liable to pay steep out-of-pocket expenses if you end up requiring treatment. On top of this, the same risks can apply on a cruise as any other trip, such as losing personal belongings or having to cancel part or all of your trip, so domestic travel insurance may still come in handy if you experience a claimable event.

Can I still get cover for pre-existing health conditions on cruise travel insurance?

Whether your pre-existing condition can be covered will depend on your insurer's terms and conditions. Providers will typically have a list of conditions which can automatically be covered (provided they meet the required qualification criteria), while there are other conditions which may require either an additional premium to include under your policy or be excluded altogether, such as heart conditions. As such, if you have a pre-existing condition which you would like to cover, take the time to determine whether there are any providers which can offer the cover you're looking for in this area.

Can I take out cruise travel insurance as a senior?

There are many travel insurance companies who offer cruise policies for seniors. However, whether you can be covered will depend on whether you meet the criteria set out by your insurer relating to your age and health. For instance, while some insurers can offer protection for travellers up to the age of 100, this isn't the case for others. As such, it's important to compare conditions between providers to determine whether there are any policies which offer you the cover you're looking for.

Am I covered for river cruises under regular travel insurance?

The rules for river cruises vary between travel insurance policies. Some may not require you to take out a cruise insurance policy under these circumstances, but this won't always be the case, so it’s important you contact your relevant insurer before taking out cover to confirm whether you will be insured for a river cruise. 

Do I need to tell my insurer about all locations on sea and land that I will visit?

Be it on land or at sea, it's in your best interests to correctly inform your insurer of each destination you will be visiting when you take out cruise travel insurance. In doing so, you may be able to avoid finding yourself without cover if an event occurs at a destination your insurer wasn't informed about. However, if you purchase a worldwide cover policy (which some insurers offer), you may not necessarily need to lay out each destination). 

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