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We’ve partnered with Compare Club to bring you a range of health insurance policies to help you compare them side by side.

Singles health insurance can offer vital help with the cost of your healthcare treatments. However, finding the right private health insurance policy isn’t always easy, with hundreds of different policies and various levels of cover available in Australia.

By comparing with Savvy, you can gain access to a range of free quotes for health insurance in one place. Simply fill out an easy online form about yourself and the insurance you’re after and you’ll be able to see which of our panel of leading insurers can offer the cover you’re looking for. Start your journey with Savvy today with a no-obligation quote.

What is singles health insurance and how does it work?

Singles health insurance is designed to be an effective way of insuring the health of individuals, as opposed to taking out family health insurance or couples health insurance (health insurance where the policy is designed for two or more people).

In terms of how it works, private health insurance for singles can help you cover the cost of treatments, care and services which aren’t included under Medicare. Depending on the nature of the expense and the type of policy you purchase, your singles health insurance may cover part or all of certain costs included under your policy.

What does singles health insurance cover?

The inclusions in your singles health insurance policy will be dictated by the type of cover you choose – hospital cover, extras cover or combined cover – and the level of coverage you choose. As inclusions will vary, it’s important you read up on your policy’s product information documents so you can have a better idea of what you’re covered for and what’s excluded.

Hospital cover

Generally, hospital policies will cover you for hospital or inpatient medical services featured in the Medicare Benefits Schedule and can enable you to be treated as a private patient (subject to availability, terms and conditions). You can choose between basic, bronze, silver and gold cover, with basic being the cheapest and offering the least covered treatments and gold offering top cover for all clinical categories at the highest price. Inclusions under a singles health insurance hospital policy can include:

  1. Hospital admission as a private patient – this can either be in a private or public hospital, depending on the level of cover chosen. In addition, you may be able to get accommodation in a private hospital room (subject to availability and conditions).
  2. Cover for the cost of surgeries and procedures – which could include heart surgery, lung surgery, chest surgery, joint replacements, joint reconstructions, dental surgeries, back surgery and colonoscopies.
  3. Doctors’ fees, anaesthetists’ fees and theatre fees – plus other charges that may apply to your stay in hospital.
  4. Tests and examinations – may include blood tests, x-rays, MRIs, CAT scans and pathology which are performed while you are an in-patient in hospital.
  5. Certain allied health services in a private or public hospital – such as psychologists and psychiatrists.
  6. Ambulance cover – however, not all hospital cover policies will include this and some states and territories can offer a level of free cover to their residents (check what the situation is where you live).

Extras cover

Extras cover inclusions have a particular focus on preventative care and treatments outside a hospital setting. These can include:

  1. Optical – can include cover for glasses, contact lenses or even laser eye surgery on some extras policies.
  2. General and major dental – partial or full cover for check-ups, crowns, root canals, implants, general or wisdom tooth removal.
  3. Orthodontics – cover for braces, retainers, mouth guards and jaw realignment processes
  4. Physiotherapy – cover for treatment for joint and muscle pain
  5. Chiropractic treatment – for neck and back pain and other musculoskeletal issues
  6. Podiatry – for foot and ankle pain and walking issues
  7. Psychology – for assistance with mental health issues
  8. Speech therapy – for assistance with speech and language problems
  9. Acupuncture – treatment with needles to relieve pain
  10. Massage therapy – to aid healing and relieve pain
  11. Hearing aids – tests and hearing devices to treat hearing loss

What isn’t covered?

The exclusions under your singles health insurance cover will once again depend on the type of cover you opt for and the level of coverage chosen. However, some of the common exclusions for hospital and extras cover include:

  1. X-rays, CT scans, blood tests and MRIs performed on outpatients
  2. Procedures which aren’t medically necessary (such as cosmetic surgery)
  3. Laser eye surgery
  4. Certain alternative medicines and therapies

To gain a greater understanding of the exclusions tied to your singles health insurance policy, it’s important you contact your insurer directly, check the policy’s terms and conditions and read your insurer’s product information documents (PDS).

How much does singles health insurance cost?

The cost of your singles health insurance will be determined by a range of factors, including the following:

  • The type of insurance – your choice of hospital cover, extras cover or combined cover will be a major factor in determining the cost of your singles health insurance. A combined cover policy will tend to be the most expensive option, while an extras cover policy may be available for the cheapest premium.
  • Level of coverage – in taking out singles health insurance, your choice of a basic, bronze, silver or gold-level policy for hospital cover will contribute to the cost of your premium. In addition, whether you opt for a cheaper, more basic extras policy or a more expensive and comprehensive one will make a difference to your hip pocket.
  • Your policy’s excess and co-payments – when taking out singles hospital insurance, you may be able to choose your excess and co-payment amounts. You can opt to pay a higher premium to have a low excess and low co-payment. On the other hand, if you wish to pay a higher excess or co-payment in the event of injury or a hospital stay, your premiums may be lower. Check with different insurers to determine what your options may be (and whether you have to pay an excess or co-payment at all).
  • Your age – you may qualify for discounts on your hospital insurance policy if you’re younger, as some insurers offer up to 10% off for those between 18 and 29 (2% for every year before you turn 30). This discount can follow you through until becoming gradually phased out when you reach 41, so it can save a substantial amount to take out insurance earlier.

Types of health insurance

Why compare health insurance through Savvy?

How do I compare singles health insurance policies?

The pros and cons of singles health insurance


Peace of mind

Taking out singles health insurance can offer greater peace of mind knowing that, should an injury or illness occur which is included under your policy, you can claim back part or all of the cost of your treatment.

Avoid paying the Medicare levy surcharge

By taking out appropriate private hospital insurance, you won’t have to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) for the period you have cover. This applies to Australian singles earning over $90,000 annually who do not have a private hospital cover policy for some or all of that financial year. The surcharge can be as high as 1.5%, depending on your income.

Choose your doctor and hospital

With a private hospital insurance policy, you may be able to choose the hospital at which you receive your treatment and the doctor who provides it (subject to availability and other terms and conditions).

Skip public hospital waiting lists

Public hospitals come with waiting lists, but having an appropriate private health insurance policy may enable you to receive the treatment you need sooner at a private hospital.


Not everything is covered

Depending on the type and level of health insurance chosen, there can be numerous exclusions in a policy which result in having to pay the full cost of the excluded treatment. There may also be additional out-of-pocket costs due to your policy not covering 100% of your treatment or service’s cost.

The cost

Health insurance policies which offer the most comprehensive coverage aren’t cheap, which may be especially highlighted if you haven’t needed to make a claim for a long time.

Subject to waiting periods

When you first take out private health insurance, you’ll generally be required to sit through a waiting period. Contact your insurer or check your product information documents to find out about the waiting periods which may apply.

Frequently asked questions about singles health insurance

Is one couples’ health insurance policy cheaper than two singles policies?

Not necessarily – couples’ health insurance usually costs the same as two singles policies. However, it offers greater convenience if you and your partner have the same health needs and could be suitable for you if you’re planning to start a family down the track. Consider your needs and those of your partner before buying two singles policies or a couples’ policy.

If I have a pre-existing medical condition, will my singles health insurance be more expensive?

As health insurance is community-rated, your health insurance won’t be more expensive if you have a pre-existing medical condition. No insurer can charge you extra because of your health.

What is the Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading?

The LHC loading applies to individuals who don’t take out hospital cover before July 1 after they turn 31 years old. If this is you, a 2% increase in your hospital insurance premiums will apply for each year that you are uncovered. Therefore, if you decide to take out hospital cover at the age of 40, your premium will be 20% higher. This maxes out at 70% and your increased premiums as a result of LHC loading will cease after 10 consecutive years of hospital cover.

Is singles health insurance more expensive as a female or male?

Singles health insurance works differently to different types of insurance, as it doesn’t consider gender when calculating the cost of your premium. The only difference in policies due to gender will be the inclusions based on the specific needs relevant to women and men.

Will pregnancy be covered under my singles health insurance?

If you’re expecting to welcome a baby in the near future, you may need to take out gold or silver plus level hospital cover to get the benefits of birth-related services. It’s important to note that you must get health insurance cover at least 12 months prior to giving birth, as a 12-month waiting period applies.

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