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We’ve partnered with Econnex to bring you a range of mobile phone plans to help you compare them.

As data usage continues to increase amongst mobile phone users, the demand has led to the introduction of unlimited mobile data plans. These provide the best data experience, enabling you to browse and download freely. Unlimited mobile data plans will give you peace of mind and allow you to use data carefree and without concern over incurring excess data charges on your monthly mobile phone plan bills. Discover what to look for in an unlimited mobile data plan and how to compare your options to get the best plan for you.

How do unlimited mobile data plans work?

Unlimited mobile data plans are mobile plans which provide you with a full speed data limit – this limit could be anywhere from 10GB to 500GB. Once this full speed data limit is reached, your browsing and download speeds will be reduced to a capped speed and this is when the true unlimited data will be experienced. Capped data speeds are usually 1.5mbps (megabits per second), but it will vary between plans and providers. Under more costly unlimited mobile data plans, f you can’t afford it or aren’t too worried about slower data speeds, a reduced rate of 1.5mbps will still allow you to browse the web and stream music amongst other uses, but there will be a noticeable difference.

Unlimited mobile data plans are ideal for remote workers, people without access to home broadband or those who simply use a great deal of data for things like video streaming and FaceTime.

What types of unlimited mobile data plans can I choose from?

Unlimited mobile data plans are available more broadly on post-paid plans, but are also limitedly available under prepaid plans.

Post-paid unlimited mobile data plans will allow you to pay for your unlimited data usage at the end of each expiry period (usually monthly).
As o pposed to most regular post-paid plans, an unlimited mobile data plan will ensure that you don’t run the risk of exceeding your data limits and face extra charges on your monthly bill. Post-paid unlimited mobile data plans are more costly, but they usually offer better value than a prepaid option if you’re a high data user. Your post-paid unlimited mobile data plan could include an international roaming allowance and added extras in addition to unlimited data under certain providers.

Although more limited, there are still prepaid unlimited mobile data plans available which will allow you to experience the perks of freely using data whilst paying for your plan upfront. Unlike regular prepaid plans, you won’t be needing to recharge your plan once your data limits are reached. Instead, once your full speed data limits are reached, you can enjoy capped data speeds until your prepaid plan has expired and you will then need to recharge your plan. If you’re looking for a more affordable unlimited data plan, a prepaid option might be the right fit for you.

How do I find the best unlimited mobile data plan for me?

Pros and cons of unlimited mobile data plans


Can stream video or download content freely

Under regular mobile plans, people will often try to conserve data and not stream video or download material unless they’re on a wi-fi connection. Unlimited mobile data plans allow you to freely use your data for any use.

Won’t incur excess charges for going over your data limit

A big problem with most post-paid plans is that you can run over your data usage limit and incur extra charges at the end of the month. Unlimited mobile data plans will ensure you don’t get any financial surprises when you pay your phone plan’s bill at the end of the month.

Can use your unlimited data for personal hotspot

Many people will avoid using personal hotspot as it will chew through your plan’s data. However, with unlimited data you can use your personal hotspot to support other personal devices without fear of running through your data limits and incurring excess charges.

Peace of mind

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to concern over your data usage and any excess charges if you do exceed your data limit.


Often neglect other mobile plan features

Unlimited mobile data plans can exclude or provide fewer other mobile plan features. This could be no international roaming allowance or less added extras.

More expensive

Unlimited mobile data plans are usually more expensive than alternative mobile plans due to the high full speed data limits and unlimited capped speed data usage which follows.

Unable to be used in place of home internet connection

Unlimited mobile data plans will dictate that only personal devices can use the data and you are unable to replace your home internet connection with your plan.

Fewer unlimited data prepaid plan options

While there are many post-paid plans with unlimited data, there are limited prepaid plans with unlimited data. If you find that a prepaid plan is your preferred option, your choice of providers will be small.

Top tips for comparing the best unlimited mobile data plans

Cost of plans

You’ll need to compare unlimited mobile data plans at different costs. Make sure to factor in your budget both monthly and in the long run. Also, try to find a good balance between cost and your plan’s features to get the best value.

Data limits

It’s important to compare the full speed data limits offered by different plans. Some plans may offer full speed data limits of 30GB while others could offer limits of 200GB. Calculate your expected data usage and compare plans within this range.

Type of provider

You should consider both larger premium providers and budget providers. Larger premium providers will be more expensive but offer more reliable service, better customer service and often better extras. Your unlimited mobile data plan options are more limited with budget providers, but they will offer you cheaper plans so you can get all your data needs at an affordable price.

Data speed caps

Data speed caps are an important part of unlimited mobile data plans. You need to compare these caps across different plans offered by each provider. While lower capped speeds are still enough to get by, they can prove frustrating especially in time-sensitive situations if you’re using your mobile plan for work or study.

Other inclusions

Unlimited mobile data plans can still offer common features such as international roaming, data-free music or video streaming and entertainment perks. You should try to compare plans which offer these features if they’re valuable to you. You may be able to find some of or all of these features for little to no extra cost to better your plan’s value. If these extra inclusions don’t matter to you, compare unlimited mobile data plans which only contain unlimited calls and texts as well as unlimited data.

Frequently asked questions about unlimited mobile data plans

When do I need an unlimited mobile data plan?

An unlimited mobile data plan will generally suit you if you’re a high data user who has fluctuating usage from month to month. You may work remotely and use your personal hotspot with other devices regularly or stream Netflix shows or watch live streams of sports on your phone. Either circumstance would use a great amount of data and an unlimited mobile data plan can give peace of mind which allows you to use data as much as you please.

Are unlimited mobile data plans available with phone plans?

Yes. Certain providers will offer unlimited mobile data plans with a phone plan. Bear in mind, though, that this will be significantly more expensive, as you will be paying for an already-expensive unlimited mobile data plan as well as a new handset.

Do I have to pay more for an unlimited mobile data plan with faster capped data speeds?

Yes. Capped data speeds faster than 1.5mbps are only found on more expensive plans. If money isn’t of concern to you, it could be a worthwhile investment.

If my unlimited mobile data plan caps my data speeds at 1.5mbps, how will my phone’s browsing or downloading being impacted?

If your data speeds are reduced to 1.5mbps, you will no longer be able to freely stream high-quality video, sync to the cloud and download medium-sized files, but you will still be able to browse the internet, use social media and stream music, albeit at far slower speeds.

All I need is a high data limit. Are there options besides unlimited mobile data plans?

Yes. You can still find mobile plans that offer high data limits at 100GB per month under both prepaid and post-paid plans. These high-data mobile plans will usually be cheaper than unlimited mobile data plans but it depends on your choice of provider and plan. High-data mobile plans are available with both larger premium providers and budget providers.

Where can I look to compare unlimited mobile data plans?

If you’re considering an unlimited mobile data plan, it’s important you compare a range of options to find the right fit for you. You can compare your options online with Savvy to get the best price and best value to suit your needs.


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