10 car hacks to make life easy

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, updated on November 25th, 2021       

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We’re always looking for ways to make our lives easier, right? And while most of the time, that is achieved through innovations in the world of technology, sometimes you’ve gotta just use some good ol’ hacks. Here are 10 car hacks that you may use to make your life a little easier

Use a shoe as a cup holder

Maybe your car is old and it lacks a dedicated cup holder, maybe yours is already filled with crap, or maybe you have multiple cups that you need to place. What now? Simple! Use a sneaker. Yes, seriously. Simply place the sneaker between the two front seats, where the regular cup holder would go, and put your cup inside. Voila!

Use a cereal container instead of a trash can

You know those plastic cereal boxes? They would make a perfect mini trash can for the car. Let’s be real: we all manage to collect mountains of junk and, this way, you can keep it tidy.

Use sticky mat on the dashboard

Are you tired of your phone sliding all over the place and constantly falling off the dashboard? Yes, I am, too. It’s even worse with a tablet. The solution is as obvious as using a sticky mat. You can order one off the Internet, and you will never have to struggle with flying gadgets.

Use a plunger to repair small dents

If you’ve ever banged your door a little too hard on the parking lot wall (I know I have), then you more than likely have the dents to show for it. But rather than live with them, you can just use a plunger to take them out. Just put the plunger over the dent and pull. The suction action should straighten the dent right out.

Use a razor blade to clean your windscreen

Out of cleaning products, but have a dirty windscreen? Don’t drive around like that, use a razor blade! You can scrape the dirt right off.

Use a staple remover to put keys on and off a chain

God only knows how annoying it is to slide a key on and off a keychain. It takes a long time, it’s irritating, and it’s hell on your nails. Rather than struggle to do it manually, enlist the help of a staple remover. Quick, easy, and painless.

Use gum as a Band-Aid for tank leaks

Have you ever had your fuel tank spring a leak? Did you know there’s a quick fix for that? Instead of letting it leak all over the damn place until you get to the shop, chew some gum and put it over the tank, as a makeshift Band-Aid.

Use nail polish as a colour match

Every car is bound to have some scratches and painting over them is not the most pleasant thing in the world. Worse yet, the original paint might not even be available at the manufacturer anymore. Just use nail polish to hold you over until a new paint job! Make sure the colour is similar.

Use hand sanitizer to de-frost your locks

Anyone who’s lived through winter knows the struggle of the frozen car lock. But if you squirt some hand sanitizer in there, the alcohol will break down the ice, and you will be able to access your vehicle.

Use stockings to repair a fan belt

Your fan belt breaks, and you’re stranded somewhere, no shops in sight. Until you’re able to get it replaced, break out the pantyhose and use it as a makeshift belt.

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