How to plan a motorhome holiday with your kids

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, updated on August 23rd, 2023       

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Most Australians simply love motorhome holidays. This fact is revealed by the impressive number of registered RVs in Australia, which continues to increase year by year. A convincing example is the evolution of this number from 2012 – when there were only 502,025 RVs or motorhomes in Australia – to 2013, when there were 528,869 of these registered vehicles.

If you are a fan of motorhome holidays too but have a child or more, you may wonder how you can plan such a trip with your kids. Here are several useful tips:

Start with a shorter holiday

If your children have never been on a motorhome holiday, they don’t know what to expect, and you don’t know how they would react. Even though you may appreciate the freedom of exploration you have or the fact that you combine travel with accommodation, don’t forget that all your family members have to share the same space, which can be quite challenging for your kids. Therefore, instead of planning a two-week trip, begin with something shorter. For instance, a motorhome holiday of 3 or 4 days is a great test, which allows them to get accustomed to this style of vacation.

Opt for a spacious motorhome

You may love that motorhome which used to be your RV when you were alone or only with your wife. But if you have kids now, most probably, that RV is no longer spacious enough. Whether you rent or buy a motorhome, always choose a spacious one within your budget if you plan to go on vacation with your kids. The money you invest to get a larger one will pay off immediately. A cramped environment or crowded space is hard to bear for a child for a few hours, not to mention a few days. Consequently, the entire holiday will be hard to take for you, too.

Bring entertainment

It is important to keep your children busy while you are driving, isn’t it? Because a motorhome holiday implies long hours of travelling, they will get bored of watching the road. Children have plenty of energy, and being locked in an RV can be a real challenge for them.

Therefore, you need to keep their minds and bodies busy. Bringing entertainment is something you should clearly do. And, fortunately, nowadays you can opt for numerous portable gadgets, such as tablets, laptops, DVD players and so many others. Moreover, you can always count on board games.

If your family has a games night, you undoubtedly know what the favourite game of each family member is. Don’t hesitate to bring these items, too. You can also ask your children what they would like to do while travelling, and prepare themselves for this. For instance, if one of your kids likes reading, he/she should choose 2-3 books for the trip.

Interesting fact: According to Tourism Research Australia, the second largest consumer group of this industry is represented by families with children.

So, if you have kids with ages between 6 and 16, don’t be afraid to start planning a family motorhome holiday.

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