5 ways you can equip your business for success in 2018

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Getting your business off on the right foot this year will make sure that the momentum is kept, even when you hit those unexpected dips. Having the right equipment finances plays an equally important role to help keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. These five tips on getting equipped are one of the many steps to secure your businesses success.

Know your equipment like the back of your hand

As a business, your machinery is the second biggest puzzle to what makes the core of your business. Knowing this segment of your business like the back of your hand is important. Keep a checklist of equipment checkups that need to be done weekly if not monthly.

List equipment that needs replacing or maintenance to ensure that your business is always running. Don’t ignore the little ticks and glitches that machinery shows you, it’s a warning sign that something is about to go bust.

If you are leasing, then it is vital that you ensure that you and your employees follow the manufacturers manual to the ‘T’. Having an easy to read simplified version next to the equipment will be a sure way to make sure that it is followed.

It’s called keep up, not catch up

When it comes to any business, keeping up with what happens in the market and what your consumers are what will determine whether you sink or swim. Bigger businesses might have a better footing when it comes to allocating funds towards buying equipment that keeps up with the times.

Small businesses are in a catch-22 situation whereby you might need new equipment to make money, but there is no money to get a hold of the equipment. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, more than 60% of small business stop operating within the first three years.

You can review other options that are available to you by speaking to a financial advisor. If you are working on a strict budget you can lease the equipment with a loan that understands your business’s needs or take out a smaller business loan of $10,000.

Bundle up

Any business would love to have cost effective ways of operation, and bundling up your equipment is one of them. When it comes to replacing equipment, you can bundle it up into one lease, instead of paying for it individually which can cost you more. Not only will it be easier to manage under one payment, but it will also help you bag a good discount if you negotiate with your vendors who are leasing the equipment to you.

Always ask questions

If you want to walk away with the best deal that will benefit you it’s important that you always ask questions which will leave you feeling satisfied than full of regrets. After all, it’s your money that is on the line. Ask questions such as:

  • Anything pertaining to the terms and conditions of your loan or lease
  • Are there any upfront payments?
  • What are the return rights?
  • What is the termination process?

Update your finances

You will have to find an equipment financing option that suits your businesses finances. It has to be something that is flexible as businesses are in a constant flux, and the financing option will have to be able to keep up with that. Basically, it needs to understand your tax or cash flow needs. It’s advisable to speak to a financial advisor who will give you a better insight as to what solution will work for your business to ensure that your business is a success this year.

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