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The features and benefits of Brisbane small business loans

Borrow up to $500,000

These loans are designed to be malleable to any business use, meaning you can take them out for as little as $5,000 and as much as $500,000 (provided your business can cover the repayments).

Secure a competitive rate

With increasing competition in the market from a diverse range of lenders across the country, you can take advantage by locking in a competitive interest rate right from the outset.

Don’t provide asset collateral

There’s no need for you to put forward one of your valuable assets as collateral for your Brisbane commercial finance deal, as our lenders offer unsecured small business loans.

Choose your preferred repayment term

You have some control over the size of your repayments not only with your loan amount but also its term, with instalment periods available anywhere from three months to five years.

Lines of credit options

You’re not limited to standard business loans in Australia, either, with lines of credit providing a flexible alternative option allowing you to withdraw whenever and only pay interest on what you use.

Free early repayments available

Our lending partners can also enable you to make additional repayments above the minimum required amount, which can help you complete your loan repayments earlier and save.

Types of business loan

Why compare business loans through Savvy?

Top tips for speeding up your business loan application

Gather all of your documents in advance

Having everything ready to go is a simple way to help expedite the business loan application process. Submitting your application with pieces missing will hold your lender up from fully assessing your profile, delaying the time taken to advance the funds to you. In most cases, you’ll only need photo ID, business bank statements and your ABN and GST registration, but larger loans will require further business financials.

Hold a strong credit score

Your business’ credit score is a fast and easy way for your lender to assess how creditworthy it is and what its record repaying past loans is like. The better your score, the more likely your business is to be quickly approved for financing. You’ll be seen as a safer prospect than those with lower scores, as they’ll require further scrutiny on the part of your lender.

Only apply for what you need

It’s important to work out exactly what you want and need out of your loan before going ahead with your application. Plan out which costs need covering so you can come to your lender clear on the size and type of loan you need. This will go a long way towards minimising your chances of over- or under-applying. You can use our loan repayment calculator to help you work out what different loans might cost you overall. 

Apply early in the day and week

Finally, simply submitting your application earlier in the day and week will increase your chances of faster approval. Applying early in the morning gives your lender more time during the day to process and approve it, limiting its chances of going over multiple days. The same applies to applying early in the week, as this essentially removes the risk of bleeding over into the weekend.

Applying for your Brisbane business loan, step by step

It’s important to approach the application process with an understanding of how it all works, as this will help you maximise the chances of a quick outcome.

Reading through these steps will give you a clearer idea of how to approach your Brisbane commercial finance deal, as well as insights for how your lender will handle the application.

With this knowledge, you’ll be in good stead to commence your online application and receive the funds you’re looking for before you know it.

Compare and choose with Savvy

Once you’ve compared your options thoroughly with Savvy, you can select your ideal lender and head to their site to apply.

Submit your documents and application

Ready your documents for submission, which you can do digitally alongside their online application form in a matter of minutes.

Receive an outcome and contract

Your lender can get back to you as soon as an hour after you send through your application and, if successful, will send through a contract for you to sign.

Have your funds advanced to your account

Once you’ve signed your loan agreement, your lender will be able to transfer the approved funds directly into your business’ bank account.

Frequently asked business loan questions

Can I use a commercial loan in Brisbane to buy an existing business?

Yes – purchasing an established business is possible with a business loan. However, there are often additional requirements, such as needing you to have owned and operated a business in the past, hold transferrable skills to the business you’re looking to buy and supplying asset security, such as property. Also, you’re likely to need extensive documents, such as two years of personal financials, those of your current business and your new business before your lender can approve your application.

Am I able to take out a loan for multiple purposes at once?

Yes – unsecured business loans aren’t tied to any collateral, meaning the loan you take out can be any amount your business can manage with its available cashflow. As such, you can use a loan for any number of purposes at once, from fitting out its interior to boosting its working capital and anything in between.

Should I look at equipment financing in Brisbane?

Equipment finance is another type of secured finance which is designed to enable businesses to purchase a particular asset, such as machinery. Because this equipment will act as collateral for the loan, it’ll need to be in good enough condition in the event they have to acquire and sell it to recoup funds. This can also only be used to purchase the specific asset you’re looking to buy, though, unlike unsecured loans which can be used for whatever business purpose you like.

Am I able to buy commercial property with a business loan?

Technically yes, but probably not – in almost all cases, commercial property will be purchased with a commercial property loan. This will utilise the property itself as security and grant you a longer potential borrowing term, with up to 20 to 30 years available making your repayments more manageable.

Are loans available to business owners receiving Centrelink benefits?

Yes – business loans are generally based on your business’ cashflow, rather than the money you earn yourself. Allowances such as New Business Assistance with NEIS which your business receives can also be counted towards your overall cashflow. However, if you’re looking for a startup commercial loan in Brisbane, you may find your ability to borrow is impacted by your Centrelink payments.

Can I claim my full loan repayment as a tax deduction?

No – only the interest portion of your small business loan repayment is able to be claimed as a tax deduction. The principal part of your repayment goes towards covering the payment of the loan itself, so this can’t be claimed on tax.

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