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Sheri Martin Interiors
Provides Full Scale Commercial and Residential Interior Design and Decorating Service for Dallas County, Denton County, Fort Worth County and surrounding areas.

Why Hire SMI


  •  More than 20 years experience
  •  Careful attention to detail in every aspect of the design
  •  Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority
  •  Stays updated and in tune with current trends in fabrics, color and furnishings
  •  Sensitive to client needs and budgets
  •  SMI takes pride in their repeat customer business and high number of referrals
  •  SMI is adept at defining the clients unique personal style and will create a plan that suits their tastes, needs and lifestyle
  •  Registered buyer with numerous “to the trade” only sources
  •  Has trusted contractors available for various design needs: drapery workrooms, remodelers, painters, flooring, custom furniture, etc
  • SMI works within the clients budget to accommodate the client’s style and financial preferences whether it be strictly high end, moderate or a mix of high,  moderate to low
  •  SMI offers step by step design expertise from the planning stages to the last and final design detail
  •  SMI offers several different packages to suit the homeowners needs:
    1. Hourly Services
    2. On Site Verbal Design Consultations
    3. Customized Design Plans
    4. Full Scale Design Services From Conceptual Stages To The Completion Of The Design Project
    5. Online Design
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