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, updated on September 13th, 2023       

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According to the latest ASX Australian Investor Study, more than nine million Australians now hold investments outside of their super and primary place of residence. This will come as no surprise to many, because investing your own money and watching it grow is highly satisfying, enjoyed by millions of Savvy Australians every year. What may be surprising is that 45% of all new investors are women, who are proving to be highly successful investors, challenging the traditional male dominance in this area of personal finance. 

If you’re looking at investing a nest-egg, and want to explore the exciting world of CFDs, share trading, crypto trading or forex trading, Savvy can help you compare online investment and trading platforms right here side by side to help you choose the right platform for you from our trusted partners. u. Find out more about the latest in sophisticated trading platforms then open your account and start trading through Savvy today. 

What is online investing and trading?

Online investing involves buying and selling financial products online from the comfort of your own home. It gives you the financial freedom to make your own investment decisions, allowing you to invest in financial products from around the world. 

It involves opening a trading account with an online broking service. This is as simple as opening a new bank account. Once an account with your preferred broker has been established, you can then transfer funds from your regular bank account to your trading account. 

After your trading account has been funded, you’ll be given access to a trading platform, which is a website where you can buy and sell a wide variety of stocks, shares, CFDs, bonds and currencies. Your trading platform can give you access to financial markets around the globe, allowing you to invest in a diverse range of financial products.  

These trading platforms not only allow you to buy and sell shares, CFDs or currency, but also offer financial news, charting capabilities, investment advice and education, and often a forum for connecting and chatting online to other traders.

What types of investments can I compare with Savvy?

Why compare online trading platforms through Savvy?

The pros and cons of online investing


Invest from the comfort of your own home 

There’s no need to leave home to invest your nest-egg in a range of financial products, from shares to crypto, forex to managed funds. Do it all from the privacy of your home office and watch your nest egg grow.

Forget broker’s investment advice fees 

In the bad ol’ days investment advice was expensive, and could involve the payment of hefty advice fees to your stock broker. Take back control of your own finances (and cut out the middleman) by investing your funds directly online yourself.

Trade and invest at your own convenience   

In our connected 24-hour world it’s now possible to trade and invest any time of the day or night, so no longer are shift workers or night owls disadvantaged when it comes to investment opportunities after standard business hours.


Steep learning curve 

Trading and investing online does require a great deal of background knowledge, but you can get access to mountains of free trading and investment education through Australia’s best online brokers. 

Minimum investment amounts 

Some brokers require a substantial investment amount to open a trading account, but other online brokers allow novice traders to start investing with as little as $100. 

Can lose money 

Online trading and investing can be fun and profitable, but it’s also possible to lose money quickly, so make sure you understand the risks before you start on your trading journey.  

Frequently asked questions about online investing

Are companies offering investment advice regulated in Australia?

Yes. Any company offering financial products or advice in Australia must be registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, which is the government regulator for all companies offering financial services of any kind.

Do all trading platforms offer the same functions?

No. Trading platforms differ from broker to broker. Whilst all enable you to buy and sell financial products, some offer more features than others. For example, some may offer extensive trading education and advice, or charting capabilities, whilst others may run chat groups allowing you to connect with other traders online. The financial markets you’ll have access to will also vary between online brokers.

How long does it take to set up a trading account?

Setting up a trading account is as simple as opening a new bank account, and can usually be done in one day. You will need to provide 100 points of identification, such as your drivers’ licence and passport, to prove your identity before your trading account can be opened.

Is it safe to invest money through an online trading platform?

Yes, trading platforms in Australia are strictly regulated by ASIC, and Savvy partners with reputable and trusted online brokers to bring you the safest trading environment possible. However, all financial trading comes with the risk that you can lose money, so you should be aware of the risks of trading before opening your account through Savvy.

Is there a minimum age for investment on the ASX?

Yes. You will need to be at least 18 years old to open an online trading account, as Australian credit legislation prohibits offering any sort of credit facility to a minor under the age of 18.


Savvy is not advising or recommending any particular product to you.  We provide general information on products for the purposes of comparison, but your personal situation or goals are not considered here. Although we try to make our comparisons as thorough as possible, we do not have information on all products on the market on our site. 

You should always consult a provider's PDS or further documentation when deciding which trading or investment platform to choose, as well as seeking independent professional advice. If you do decide to open an account with a provider listed on Savvy investment pages, you will not be dealing with Savvy; any applications or enquiries will be conducted directly with the provider offering that product.