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Aviation finance options

Are you into civil aviation? Is your business in need of new aircraft? Savvy finances all sorts of civil aircraft for private and business use. We finance single-seat, twin-prop, light aircraft, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft all the way up to private and corporate jets. Whether you're buying new or used or purchasing aircraft for specialised tasks, such as crop-dusters, cargo haulers and sky-writers, we may be able to help. Savvy also helps with financing and purchase of new parts such as engines, engine conversions, avionics packages and repairs.

Flexible aviation loan packages

You can consider aircraft finance packages which are fair, competitive and flexible with us. Much like our other commercial financing options, we offer hire purchases, chattel mortgages, leases and other non-conforming loans to suit your business needs.

With access to many of Australia’s most trusted aviation financiers and a team of expert consultants ready to help, you can get started with a free, no-obligation quote today.

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Got aircraft loan questions?

I want to finance a crop-duster or cargo aircraft. Is that possible?

Yes – We finance all types of single and twin-engine planes, Very Light Jets (VLJs), helicopters, and ultra-light aircraft, subject to CASA requirements.

What types of finance can commercial pilots access?

The two most common types of aviation finance are chattel mortgages and hire purchases, both of which function in a similar way except for where the aircraft is “owned” on the books. This gives your business a number of tax advantages and allows for 100%+ finance, balloon payments, and variable term limits. Seasonal business? Find out more about adjustable repayments that suits your cash flow by asking your consultant.

Is leasing an option for aircraft?

Yes – Savvy through its network of lenders also offers operating and finance leases for aircraft.

Can I finance a helicopter?

Yes – we finance all types of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

Does Savvy offer brokering for insurance?

Yes – we can find competitive premiums for hull insurance, public liability and other types of aviation insurance.

Can I get hangar keeper’s insurance through Savvy?

Yes – we can find hangar keeper’s insurance for you; business customers can also bundle it with commercial aviation finance products. Ask your consultant for more information.

Can I get pre-approval for an aircraft?

Yes – talk to your consultant to find out how much you can spend in pre-approval to improve your bargaining power.

Can I purchase a pre-owned aircraft?

Yes – applicants can purchase both new and used aircraft, subject to lending criteria and airworthiness.

Can my business finance aviation upgrades or parts?

Yes, businesses can finance overhauls, large part replacements, avionics upgrades and more. Ask your friendly consultant.

Handy information on aviation loans

Home equity vs. dedicated aircraft finance

Some people who stride into the broker or lender’s office with a new private pilot’s licence may stop short – their first brainwave is “why not pay for my new aircraft with my existing home equity or line of credit?” The thought is tempting – avoiding “higher” interest rates, extra paperwork and the hassle of finding a new lender. But if you opt for home equity release to finance a plane, you will likely end up paying more. Though a mortgage has a lower interest rate on paper, the loan term is significantly longer. That means you will pay more in interest over time than getting a competitive aircraft loan.

Bundle aviation insurance with your broker

The obvious answer to “why bundle aviation insurance with your finance broker” is this: convenience. But there’s more to having one consultant answer calls about payments and claims. A broker has buying power; and they can leverage that buying power on your behalf when it is time to claim. Insurance companies make money when they can deny claims – and they do try it when they can get away with it! but it’s harder to deny a whole team of brokers with millions of dollars of premiums on the books. A broker can bargain on your behalf and be your advocate when you need to claim.

How to save on GST and depreciation - aircraft finance

Aviation finance is a big leap for any business. It makes sense to claim as many deductions as possible to help cash flow. As a business, you can select from chattel mortgages, aircraft leasing and commercial hire purchases. All these options means you can claim GST, interest paid and depreciation back on your next BAS statement. For chattel mortgage and hire purchases, you can apply for 100% finance (or more), longer or shorter loan terms and opt for balloon payments. These products also allow you to amortise other expenses such as services and insurance in one easy to access facility.

Does aircraft have a lifecycle?

Like all big and heavy machinery, aircraft has a definite lifecycle. If you are buying new (or building from a kit!) you’ll be paying a premium – or so it seems. A new aircraft is factory fresh, and has high residual value. This is good if you decide to sell your aircraft at any point. However if you’re buying used, you should figure out where the aircraft is in its lifecycle. Some sellers offload aircraft that will cost them thousands in engine rebuilds or fuselage refits. Before buying, you should always determine what you require an aircraft for, and what stage of its lifecycle will best suit you or your business’ needs.

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